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F**K Cancer Concert

I was so happy to have been in attendance and able to capture some of the spirit, love and emotion of the evening during the F**K Cancer Concert at the Hard Rock Casino Vancouver October 1, 2022. As Jeff Neill (Streetheart) said, "Hats off to Rocket Norton for putting together one of the most special nights of music and friendship I have ever had the privilege of being a part of." Bill Allman was instrumental in organizing the even and what an event it was!!

Rock Norton opened the evening with a drum solo; an energizing, melodic, mesmerizing drum solo! What an incredible start to an evening full of legendary talent all gathered together to fight against cancer. Almost $200K was raised and you can still donate at Proceeds go to the BC Cancer Foundation.

A personal note of huge appreciation and gratitude go to Jeff Neill and Bill Allman.


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