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Bring on 2020!

I thoroughly enjoyed 2019... it was a great year for me and my camera! I was able to attend several live performances this year and some were artists that I had never dreamed I would have been able to capture images of live; Streetheart, Tea Party, Headpins, Loverboy, Styx, Billy Idol, Blue Oyster Cult and, to continue with the past couple of years, 54-40, Trooper and Honeymoon Suite again... and so many more! I sometimes shoot with Canadian Beats and this year I was able to attend and capture images of Paul McCartney, Lynyrd Skynyrd and performances at the PNE Summer Nights Concert Series and I treasure each and every performance I am able to see and shoot at. The talented group of musicians always amazes my senses of sight and sound and I feel fortunate to be able to capture many of them through my lens. Here's to a fantastic 2020! Happy New Year everyone :).

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