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All artwork is original and a one of a kind piece. Any piece can be commissioned by contacting me personally via email (See 'CONTACT' on the menu above). Colour and design can be altered to your specific preferences. Thank you for taking an interest in my art and supporting Canadian Artists!

A little bit about my art:

During the COVID pandemic, my ability to be able to continue to photograph all kinds of people, mainly performing artists, came to an abrupt stop. We are all aware of just how deeply affected all our lifestyles have become, everything from employment, economies, health and safety, tolerance and simply just trying to spend time with our families and loved ones. I really missed and craved being able to be creative. Photographing people, events and editing was, and still is, a strong passion and I am so looking forward to being able to get back to that soon. 

In the meantime, I discovered some art forms that really intrigued my creative side. Fluid acrylic painting caught my attention right away when I saw some other artists' work. I was eager to work with paints and quickly found that this medium and art-form tapped into a very similar creative process I felt when I was photographing and editing! I loved it right from the start. There was, just like with everything, a learning curve but, I was really curious to keep trying and moving forward. The combinations of techniques, paints, colours and embellishments is endless... No two pieces are alike in any way! I found that I was constantly thinking about what I wanted to create with a certain technique and then switch up the colours and try another, and another, and another... and then try another technique and so on. I feel I am constantly able to challenge myself and really enjoy the creative process; very much like my photography. So, I am just ecstatic that I came across this creative art-form, it has really added to my life, especially since COVID has restricted my life immensely. I look forward to getting back to my photography but, in the meantime, I have my painting!  

I have also created some very unique and creative pieces of jewelry from my paintings; it is like having a painting in a pendant! I LOVE working with all kinds of mediums and supplies and it is such a pleasure to create a one of a kind piece of art for someone... a very sweet and sentimental way to have a piece of art that is completely all your own!



Fluid acrylic painting is a wonderful art form that allows so much creativity to be utilized. This medium is a combination of science and creativity... allowing an artist so much room for diversity! From mixing of paints and additives to all kinds of applications and discovering new concepts to a wide variety of sealants including various varnishes and/or resin...  I LOVE THIS MEDIUM!


One of a kind art piece in jewelry! How special are these? Pendants for necklaces or bracelets are made from a unique art painting and inserted into its very own casing. Another unique process is using resin specifically created for jewelry making... this allows for some other creative processes to be used to give a beautiful end result with sparkle, shine and durability. This is a craft I have absolutely loved getting to know how to use and the creative possibilities are endless.



Custom, one of a kind, individual artisan soaps! Soap bases are detergent free, and do not contain surfactants, sulphates, alcohol or sugar solutions and have never been tested on animals. All ingredients are skin safe/friendly and lightly scented with fragrance oils. All soaps can be made to meet your fragrance free needs, too! I adore working with all the different types of creative molds to design different shapes and sizes and the beautiful colours are all natural mica.

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