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Do you have a room in your home, special or sentimental items or even a beautiful garden you would like to see in a photograph?


I can work with you to design a tailored piece of photo artwork for your home. All fine art pieces are from an original photograph taken personally by me.


Timeframe for the session will depend on what ideas you have and our collaborative effort to achieve your specific piece of art.


Please call to discuss your ideas.

See any photos you like?

Prints are available for purchase:


5 x 7 photo on 8 x 10 mat $25.00

4 x 6 photo on 8 x 10 mat $20.00

4 x 6 photo in 5 x 7 frame w/mat $40.00

5 x 5 photo in 8 x 8 frame w/mat $45.00

Call to discuss mat and frame colour options.

Fine Art on canvas is also available. Call to discuss options.

PST will be added to price

Visit my Red Bubble Store to purchase my art on various products!!

Centre Flower Red PS
Centre Flower Blue PS
Centre Flower Pink PS
Walk In Minoru Park
Fine Art - Floral
Fine Art
Fine Art - Floral
Stunning Floral
Fine Art
Orpheum w texture
Digital Painting
Home Art
Flower Art
Fine Art
Fine Art
Fine Art
Fine Art
Fine Art
Fine Art
Garden Art
Cornflower Texture
Lillies with Texture
Flower Butterfly Texture
Home Art
Home Art
Home Art
White Rock Boats Texture
Whistler Statue Texture
Painted Pink Garden
Blue Water w Ripple Texture
Blue Water w Glow Edge Texture
Water Art w Texture Pink
Home Art
Home Art
Home Art
Home Art
Garden Burgundy w Oil Texture-1
Home Art
Hydra w Oil Paint Text Close
Stand Tall w Oil Paint Texture Close
Sea to Sky w Oil Paint Text
Beach Coloured Oil Painting
Glass Waves w Oil Text
Gold Purple Waves w Oil Paint Text
Layered Beads with glass Oil Paint Texture
Long Beads w Oil Paint Text-1
Rose Drops w Oil Paint Filter
Gold Metal Beads w Oil Paint Text smooth
Garden Multi Colour w Oil Texture-1
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