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Billy Idol

Growing up in the 80's allowed me to see several of my favourite artists perform live; many of which are still enjoying their success and currently touring. I never got the opportunity to see Billy Idol, until this past weekend at the Summer Nights Concert Series at the PNE in Vancouver. Standing at the front of the stage, camera ready, I was just hoping my anxious anticipation

would allow me to hold my camera steady and literally focus on getting some great shots of Billy Idol. The first 3 songs went by so fast! And, it was awesome! Covering songs from Generation X to his highly successful solo career during the 80's, all executed flawlessly. Billy Idol has such incredible stage presence, along with Steve Stevens and the rest of Idol's band, performed like no time had past since these songs were first heard. Idol commented on how much he loved Vancouver and Canada and how special it was for him when he first started on his solo career; playing "White Wedding" for the first time in Canada so many years ago. The crowd was singing, and yelling to "Rebel Yell", I'm sure you could hear us all across the fair grounds!

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